Medinexo® is a Healthcare Communications Network providing technology and services to all participants in the global healthcare community.

We eliminate barriers of entry to technology and innovation for healthcare professionals around the world

Free to healthcare providers who are registered Medinexo Members*

Our proprietary ResearchNexo© services provide the tools, the training and the know how to become a sustainable Research Site. Once you are registered as a ResearchNexo© Ready Site, we market your qualifications to sponsors and CROs for those clinical trials that you might be interested in.

Free to healthcare providers who are registered Medinexo Members*

Designed for healthcare provider teams, from small medical practices to clinics and hospitals, TeamNexo© provides your team with the ability to manage a patient portfolio and a team of healthcare professionals managing their services. The TeamNexo© services include the ability to perform telemedicine visits, continued virtual communications with the patient under HIPAA compliance and much more. This service is ONLY available to Medinexo Members.

Free to healthcare providers who are registered Medinexo Members*

PatientNexo© is a virtual care platform designed for healthcare professionals to communicate with a patient. It provides the healthcare professional HIPAA compliant telemedicine ability at no cost. It also enables secure delivery and acceptance of prescriptions, test results, patient surveys, documents and any document form. Patients DO NOT have to install an app. While the doctor operates from his/her computer or mobile phone in PatientNexo©, the patient interacts from the mobile phone using Whatsapp or SMS combined with secure mobile adaptable interfaces. 

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