Point of Care

Provider to Provider, virtual care tools risk free pay as you go options for referral management, chronic care and more.

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For Virtual Care Providers

Enabling better outcomes through 21st century technology connecting patients with the best medical teams in Telehealth 24/7/365

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For Technology Partners

Partner with MEDINEXO to deliver physician to physician virtualcare services around the world.

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Virtual Care Marketplace: Telehealth Reimagined

For over 40 years, telemedicine has been used to bring healthcare services to remote patients. Our Virtual Care Platform supported by a marketplace of tools sprang forth from the limitations in telehealth adoption and roadblocks to widespread utilization. “Outside of the box” ingenuity and a “client needs first” approach helped develop an inexpensive option for healthcare providers to refer to specialists in or outside of their current referral network with a streamlined care path. No longer handicapped with expensive technology, the need for live connections, or the frustration of incomplete patient records, our HIPPA compliant platform focuses on better patient outcomes.

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