A Virtual Clinical Research Coordinator

for your Investigative Site

To plan, direct, or coordinate clinical research projects and trials might be challenging if your site does not have the staff required.

A Virtual CRC might be the solution

Fully qualified and trained virtual clinical research coordinators are available for Medinexo® Members

The perfect Virtual Clinical Research Coordinator for YOUR SITE, guaranteed

You need a Clinical Research Coordinator with the experience, skills and focus on your Clinical Trials.

We’ve already found the right person for the job. Your Virtual CRC is not only a professional in Life Sciences, but also has years of experience in clinical trials and is fully trained in Clinical Trial Management and on the use of all the Trial Management Tools  required..

With an average 5 years experience

Your Virtual CRC

Will be ready to start immediately.

Your Virtual Clinical Research Coordinator*

Can help you with all these and more...

Study activities

Helps monitor study activity to ensures compliance with protocols and with relevant local, federal, and state regulatory and institutional polices.

Study records

Helps maintain study records, Including case report forms or regulatory forms


Helps track enrollment status of subjects to documents enrollment and dropouts. Ensures that informed consent is properly obtained and documented

Quality assurance

Offers support for quality assurance  audits. Identifies protocol problems and assists in problem resolution efforts such as protocol revisions

Study documentation

Helps produce and maintain protocol worksheets, procedural manuals, adverse event reports, institutional review board documents, and progress reports.

Study protocols

Helps with study protocols, evaluates factors such as sample collection processes, data management plans, and potential subject risks. Helps with the development of IRB protocols for sponsored trials and with the interaction with relevant IRB boards


Support the development and execution of research budgets. Helps with the implementation of invoicing systems for clinical trials, orders  for supplies, transshipment and more

Staff training

Helps train the team in scientific and procedural aspects of studies including standards of care, informed consent procedures, or documentation procedures

* Your Virtual CRC works in coordination with your Site Personnel on all tasks assigned under the supervision of your Site Manager.

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