Virtual Care for Your Community

Virtual Care for Your Community

Saint Louis, Missouri, October 10th, 2017

Medinexo Telehealth Mission (MTM), a non-profit organization working to provide free global virtual care services through the MEDINEXO platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with Corsode (Corporation for Social Development ) a non-profit organization, founded in 2005. MTM will collaborate with the fulfillment of the objective and intervention plans of its Nutrition Recovery Plan, favoring the most vulnerable population, in conditions of malnutrition and extreme poverty in the department of Bolívar in Colombia, South America.

Corsode has as its mission to contribute integrally to the strengthening of the family, highlighting it as a fundamental and main unit of society, through processes that improve the quality of life of each of the least favored people in Colombia; this in order to be able to provide permanent support to the development of our country.

Corsode will now be able to receive Virtual Health Care from specialists from all over the world. This will help the following needy population of Bolivar to have access to decent health care:

  • Children 0 to 5 years old
  • Vulnerable
  • In conditions of malnutrition
  • Extreme Poverty or Poverty


Please join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement that will be the beginning of a new era of transformation in health for rural areas in Colombia.

Virtual Care for your community

Global Market of Virtual Health Services that connects medical professionals with specialists (internal network and / or external network to the health center), enabling health services to be provided to those who need them most, regardless of geographic, social, cultural and technological developments.


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