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Earn rewards while you build a successful online practice

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Frequently asked questions

MEDINEXO provides you with the necessary tools for health communication. By becoming a member of MEDINEXO you will be part of the global community of MEDINEXO’s health professionals.

Medinexo allows you to sell your services to your patients via chat and via video-conference. You just provide the services and watch your Medinexo account grow.

When you have earned money for your services offered via PatientNexo, you will have available balance. Upon your request, Medinexo will either deposit money in your account of wire you the money via Western Union or a like service (additional fees apply when using wire services)

Medinexo collects a transaction fee for every sale of a service. The fee is typically 10% with a minimum of USD$1 per transaction.

You use the PatientNexo(TM) portal from your computer or your phone. Your patient will be on WhatsApp communicating with your Medinexo portal. This way, you never give up your personal contact and you do not have to have contact with patients that are not subscribed to your services.

Medinexo will send you a message with every payment received. You can visit your account statement anytime. Also, if the patient has not paid, your PatientNexo(TM)will show the patient inactive, in which case, you do not have to chat with them unless you want to do so.

If you need any further assistance please come and chat with our support team anytime. Contact Us

Our clients say

"With the pandemic came the closing of my clinic. Revenues had stopped until I realized that we can all work online through Medinexo."
Enrique Gabai