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We are the right partner for you! Partner with MEDINEXO to deliver your Virtual Care products and services around the world.

We are the unique online channel partner for you because MEDINEXO has members worldwide in search of wide-ranging telemedicine solutions. As a member of the MEDINEXO Marketplace you will be promoted to healthcare providers and consumers in the process of planning, implementing and growing their telemedicine capabilities.

  • MEDINEXO partners with the most trusted names in the industry
  • MEDINEXO builds and maintains long-term partnerships with the most respectful and experienced companies that share our goal of providing the high-quality technology solutions that our clients expect and trust
  • MEDINEXO partners with companies that provide world-class customer service meeting and exceeding client’s expectations
  • MEDINEXO partners with organizations that help us achieve our maximum potential
  • MEDINEXO partners with organizations with global capability

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