Virtual Care Partners

As a leader in the telehealth field you already know that there are large and growing number of entities representing patients that have insufficient access to many of the clinical services that you currently deliver via telemedicine. The MEDINEXO Global Virtual Care Marketplace is an innovative online service conceived of to provide your particular expertise to those patient advocates in search of it. It can be used to supplement your services with current clients as well as fulfill the special needs of new clients.

The MEDINEXO Marketplace works by enabling members to mutually request and accept offers for a clinical consultation to be completed via telemedicine. The requesting members will post a specific need on the portal which invites the telehealth provider to accept or reject the request based on its own criteria. Once accepted, the telehealth consultation is completed using whatever technology is chosen.

Become a Member! Join the MEDINEXO Marketplace and you will be able to contribute with your institution’s unused clinical capacity to those who need it in other geographies.

Find more Business for your Available Medical Resources

  • Sell into the MEDINEXO Marketplace and increase your revenues
  • One unit at a time
  • No large technology investment
  • No full-time commitments
  • No administrative cost
  • Spanish speaking Doctors welcome
  • Simply participate! You decide your level of commitment

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