1. What is Medinexo?

MEDINEXO is a full service Virtual Care Platform that enables healthcare interactions that can be performed remotely as Virtual Care.


2. What do you mean by Virtual Care?

Virtual Care is any interaction between patients and/or members of their circle of care, occurring remotely, using any forms of communication or information technology, with the aim to facilitate or maximize the quality and effectiveness of patient care.


3. What do you mean by Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is just one the components of Virtual Care. It consists in the remote diagnosis or treatment of patients by means of telecommunication technology.


4. How can I join the Medinexo network?

Currently we have two types of members:

– Point of Care (POC): Our POC members use the Medinexo services to offer their healthcare services in their Healthcare Centers. The POCs can communicate with other healthcare professionals, with other members of the care team or with the patient, for the benefit of the patient’s care.

 Virtual Care Consultants (VCC): They promote our Virtual Care Services to member POcs and offer them support and education about Virtual Care.


5.How can I register as a POC?

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions for registration:

Registration: https://www.medinexo.com/register/

Video: https://youtu.be/2oxTe2rC0dQ


6. How can I register as a VCC?

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions for registration:


7. I want to register as  POC: What should I put in the field: ‘’Virtual Care Consultant you are working with’’?

  • If you find out about our services through a Virtual Care Consultant: indicate in this field the name of the VCC.
  • If you find out about our services on your own or by other means: Just type MEDINEXO in this field.



8. I am doing my registration as a POC, what should I enter on the references section?

In this section you can give us your colleague’s contact information or other Points of Care that you think are interested in our services, if you do not have any references,  please skip this step.


9. If I do not have a credit card or I am not authorized to provide a credit card number, how else can I register?

You can register selecting the option “Invoice My Company.” The registration will be completed when the billing information is verified.


10. The system do not accept my phone number when I try to enter it

The phone field has free content in all formats except in the United States. It is recommended to enter country code, area code and a direct number.  For example:

  • +1 314 111 2222 USA
  • +57 300 111 2222 COL


11. I am already registered, What is the next step?

Great. You will receive a confirmation email.

Within the next 24 hours you will also receive:

  • -A welcome email where you need to complete  the “ Virtual Care Assessment”
  • -Your login credentials to enter the portal.

12. What is the ‘’Virtual care Assessment’’?

It is an important tool to help us understand your operation. Based on your answers por experts will evaluate your Virtual Care potential and will create your “Virtual Care Roadmap.”


13. What is the  ‘’Virtual Care Roadmap‘’?

Based on your to the “Virtual care Assessment’’, our experts  will create your Virtual Care Roadmap. The Roadmap with suggested Virtual Care Practices that can help your POC increase your bottom line and improve services.


14. I am interested in offering my services through Medinexo. What should I do?

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming part of the Medinexo Global Virtual Care Marketplace.

The first step to becoming an Authorized Provider is to register as a POC using the following link:


Once you are registered as a POC we will begin the process of becoming a Medinexo Authorized Provider.

If you are already registered as an Authorized Provider, please register as a POC using the following link:

Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf2M6-kjaT8QlThOBQpQAurOFn34GabDisARPgcmIrX36Mpmg/viewform


15. I am an active POC now, how can I let my patients know that I am using medinexo?

To let your patients know that you are using MEDINEXO, you must share with them the link of their client / patient portal https://www.medinexo.com/patient-portal/. This can be shared through your website, email or the best way to communicate with your patients.


16. How can refer a case to a health care provider?

Please refer to our E – Learning Portal. You will find “How to Refer a Case”. It will show you step by step how to do it.


17. I would like to refer a colleague but he/she is not in the MEDINEXO network. What can I do?

Please share with us the doctors you will like to connect with (Full name, email address, and phone number) and we will send them a personal invitation to connect to the red of MEDINEXO. Then,  they will be able to connect with you using our platform.


18. How does a doctor get paid?

We are payment agnostic. We provide the Virtual Care services but we do not manage the payment except in the case of POCs that want to receive payment directly as Authorized providers. In this case, we account for the services they provided and forward the payment by the end of the month.


19. Do you have doctors?

We do not have doctors. We do not provide medical services but we enable healthcare providers in our network to deliver their services. Most of them are doctors.


20. What is a VCU?

It means Virtual Care units. This is the method used by Medinexo to determine the cost of a transaction or service and make this value a global value. This value is not dependent on a country’s currency type or exchange rate.


21. How do I use my VCUs?

For example, if you have a total of 50 VCUs available:

A live telemedicine session costs 5 VCUs. If in one day you had 6 sessions of live telemedicine, they will cost 30 VCUs (6 sessions of live telemedicine * 5 VCU = 30 VCUs). Therefore, at the end of the day you would be left with 20 VCUs available.


22. How do I buy more VCUs?

It is done through our website and depends on the country where the service will be used. Please look for your country in the following list and do click or if you prefer you can contact your VCC to assist you in the purchase.


23. How do you handle compliance?

Each Authorized Provider is responsible for their compliance. Each buyer of the services is responsible for the compliance of the services they buy using theplatform. Accreditation information is open for the buyer to review.


24. What can I find in the E – Learning Portal?

In this portal you will find the information, services  and resources offered by MEDINEXO to you. LOGIN into or PORTAL TODAY.  Enjoy the benefits of this FREE service.

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