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Virtual Care Marketplace: Telehealth Reimagined

For over 40 years, telemedicine has been used to bring healthcare services to remote patients. Our Virtual Care Platform supported by a marketplace of tools sprang forth from the limitations in telehealth adoption and roadblocks to widespread utilization. “Outside of the box” ingenuity and a “client needs first” approach helped develop an inexpensive option for healthcare providers to refer to specialists in or outside of their current referral network with a streamlined care path. No longer handicapped with expensive technology, the need for live connections, or the frustration of incomplete patient records, our HIPPA compliant platform focuses on better patient outcomes.

Getting our start in telehealth MEDINEXO soon figured out Telehealth doesn’t work, at least not as it should.

MEDINEXO provides Virtual Care that goes beyond telehealth, adapting the latest in Telehealth tools to a more robust and scalable solution for care providers large and small. Listening to our customers regarding telehealth limitations and excuses for poor telehealth adoption, drove the creation of our virtual care platform. Our Virtual Care Platform provides interoperable access to specialized care from specialists in or outside of your organization to searching global resources.

Asynchronous – Doesn’t require live sessions

Our platform provides specialists HIPAA compliant access to patient records and diagnostics to provide informed consultations on their schedule. Asynchronous access to records and diagnostics streamlines care, eliminating back and forth questions, insecure sharing of patient information or time killing follow up visits. No more do you need to have a very busy specialist sit in a telehealth booth waiting for appointments, or deal with technical issues that inherently come with live video sessions. Beyond live telehealth sessions, the MEDINEXO Virtual Care platform, eliminates the inefficiencies and limitations that come with live consultations.

Load Balancing – No searching for specialist appointments

Another key benefit of “store and forward” or asynchronous virtual care is the ability to have a coordinator assign cases as specialist schedules allow. For specialist groups, those with openings in their schedules can accept rather than have to block off hours in a day or week. Providers looking for a specialist no longer have to search for a specific specialist with availability, but rather submit the case, patient records and specialist requested. Our virtual care platform provides tremendous value to closed or open referral networks, enabling organizations to improve patient outcomes with the most efficient use of resources.

Virtual Care – A More Complete Toolbox

Telemedicine, mhealth, EMR systems are all tools in the virtual care toolbox. MEDINEXO customizes these tools with our next generation Virtual Care Platform to specific client use cases.

Provider to Provider

Whether you desire to augment your practice with additional specialists, provide better care to your existing patients with existing staff, or both, the MEDINEXO Virtual Care Marketplace can be a powerful new addition to your team. You can join our movement to make healthcare available where you need it, when you need it.

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